The <method> element maps a Java method from the plugged-in technology to a JavaScript method that the Orchestrator JavaScript engine exposes.

The <method> element is optional. A plug-in can have an unlimited number of <method> elements. The <method> element has the following attributes.

Type Value Description
java-name Java method Name of the Java method signature with argument types in parentheses, for example, getVms(DataStore). Mandatory attribute.
script-name JavaScript method Name of the corresponding JavaScript method. Mandatory attribute.
return-type Java object type The type this method obtains. Optional attribute.
Note: If the JavaScript return type is Properties, the supported underlying Java implementations are java.util.HashMap and java.util.Hashtable.
static true or false If true, this method is static. Optional attribute.
show-in-api true or false If false, this method does not appear in API documentation. Optional attribute.
is-deprecated true or false If true, the object maps a deprecated method. Optional attribute.
since-version Number The version at which the method was deprecated. Optional attribute.
Table 1. Element Hierarchy
Parent Element Child Elements
  • <deprecated>
  • <description>
  • <example>
  • <parameters>