You create the layout, or presentation, of the input parameters dialog box in the Presentation tab of the workflow editor. The input parameters dialog box opens when users run a workflow, and is the means by which users enter the input parameters with which the workflow runs.


  1. Click the Presentation tab in the workflow editor.
    The Take a Snapshot of All Virtual Machines in a Resource Pool workflow has only one input parameter, so creating the presentation is straightforward.
  2. Right-click the Presentation node in the presentation hierarchical list and select Create display group.
  3. Delete the New step element that appears above the New group element.
  4. Double-click the New group element and change the group name to Resource Pool.
  5. Provide a description of the Resource Pool display group in the Description text box on the General tab at the bottom of the Presentation tab.
    For example, Enter the name of the resource pool that contains the virtual machines of which to take a snapshot.
  6. Click the (VC:ResourcePool)resourcePool parameter.
  7. Click the Properties tab for (VC:ResourcePool)resourcePool.
  8. Right-click within the Properties tab and select Add Property > Mandatory input.
  9. Right-click within the Properties tab and select Add Property > Select value as.
    When you set this property, you set how the user selects the value of the (VC:ResourcePool)resourcePool input parameter.
  10. Drag the (VC:ResourcePool)resourcePool parameter under the Resource Pool display group.


You have created the layout of the dialog box that appears when users run the workflow.

What to do next

You have completed the development of the complex workflow example. You can now validate and run the workflow.