When you set permissions by using the Orchestrator REST API, you must use a set of characters to define the permissions.

You can define the permissions for an element by including a sequence of characters in the <rights> tag of the request body of a POST request .

The characters that you can use to set permissions through the Orchestrator REST API have specific meanings.

Table 1. Orchestrator REST API Permissions Character Set
Character Description
r Gives view permissions.
x Gives run permissions.
i Gives inspect permissions.
c Gives edit permissions.
a Gives administrative permissions.

Syntax for Setting Permissions

You can use the following example syntax in the request body of a POST request at the URL of an Orchestrator element's permissions.

<permissions xmlns="http://www.vmware.com/vco">
        <principal>domain.name\Group Name</principal>

By setting ric permissions in the <rights> tag of the request body, you allow members of your user group to view, inspect, and edit the Orchestrator element.