You can set the permissions for a package by using the Orchestrator REST API.


Review the types of permissions that you can set and the syntax that you can use in the request body. See REST API Permissions.


  1. Make a GET request and retrieve the name of the package from the list of returned packages:
    GET http://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/packages/
  2. In a REST client application, add request headers to define the properties of the package for which you want to set permissions.
  3. In the request body, specify the permissions that you want to set.
  4. Make a POST request at the URL of the package's permissions:
    POST http://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/packages/{package_name}/permissions/


If the POST request is successful, you receive the status code 201. Information about the package's permissions is available in the response body.