You can delete a package by using the Orchestrator REST API.

When you delete a package, the elements from the package are not deleted. If you want to delete the content of a package, you must provide an option parameter.


  1. Make a GET request and retrieve the name of the package from the list of returned packages:
    GET http://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/packages/
  2. Make a DELETE request at the URL of the package, and if you want to delete elements from the package, provide an option parameter at the end of the request:
    DELETE http://{orchestrator_host}:{port}/vco/api/packages/{package_name}/?option={parameter}
    Parameter Description
    deletePackage Only the package is deleted, while its content is retained.
    deletePackageWithContent The package and all its content is deleted. If other packages share elements with the deleted package, the shared elements are deleted from the other packages.
    deletePackageKeepingShared The package and the content that is not shared is deleted. Elements that are shared with other packages are not deleted.
    If you do not provide an option parameter, the default deletePackage parameter is used.


If the DELETE request is successful, you receive the status code 200, and the response body is empty.