You can configure an Orchestrator database cluster to run in synchronous mode.

Sync Mode enables the automatic failover of the primary Orchestrator database. The process promotes one of the replica nodes to the state of synced replica. If the current primary node fails, the synced replica is automatically promoted to a primary node. The synced replica receives all finished transactions from the database of the primary node.


Configure an Orchestrator cluster consisting of at least three Orchestrator nodes.


  1. Log in to the VAMI interface as root.
    Access the VAMI interface at https:// your_orchestrator_server_ip_or_DNS_name:5480.
  2. Select the Cluster tab.
  3. Click Sync Mode.
  4. One of the nodes of the cluster is promoted to the state of a synced replica.
    To confirm the success of the synchronizing operation, check that the replication mode status in the Cluster tab is Database is in Synchronous mode.