vRealize Orchestrator supports multiple network interface controllers (NICs). After installation, you can add NICs to the Orchestrator appliance.


Completely install vRealize Orchestrator to your vCenter Server environment.


  1. In vCenter Server, add NICs to each vRealize Orchestrator appliance.
    1. Right click the appliance and select Edit Settings.
    2. Add VMXNET3 NICs.
    3. If it is powered on, restart the appliance.
  2. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator appliance management interface as root.
    https:// orchestrator-appliance-IP:5480
  3. Select Network, and verify that multiple NICs are available.
  4. Select Address, and configure the IP address for the NICs.
    Table 1. Example NIC Configuration
    Setting Value
    IPv4 Address Type Static
    IPv4 Address
  5. Click Save Settings.