You can use the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center to delete a third-party plug-in. After deleting the plug-in from the Control Center, you must delete the associated package from the vRealize Orchestrator Client.


  1. Log in to Control Center as root.
  2. Select Manage Plug-ins.
  3. Select the plug-in you want to uninstall and click the right-side delete icon.
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the plug-in, and click Delete.
  5. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client as an administrator
  6. Select Assets > Packages.
  7. Browse to the package associated with the deleted plug-in and click Delete.
    Note: You can find the relevant package by entering a plug-in specific tag in the search text box. For example, you can find the Site Recovery Manager plug-in package by entering the SRM tag.
  8. Select Delete the package, its content, but keep any shared items and click Delete.
  9. Log in to the Orchestrator Legacy Client as an administrator.
  10. From the Tools menu in the upper-right corner, select User preferences.
  11. On the General page, select the Delete non empty folder permitted check box.
  12. Click Save and Close.
    You can now delete an entire folder, including its subfolders and workflows, with a single click.
  13. Click the Workflow tab.
  14. Delete the folder of the plug-in that you want to uninstall.
  15. Click the Actions tab.
  16. Delete the action modules of the plug-in that you want to uninstall.
  17. Restart the vRealize Orchestrator services.


You removed all custom workflows, actions, policies, configurations, settings, and resources related to the plug-in.