You can restore a previously exported system configuration after you reinstall Orchestrator or if a system failure occurs.

If you use the import procedure to clone the Orchestrator configuration, the vCenter Server plug-in configuration becomes invalid and does not work, because a new vCenter Server plug-in ID is generated.


  1. Log in to Control Center as root.
  2. Click Export/Import Configuration and navigate to the Import Configuration tab.
  3. Browse to and select the .zip file that you exported from your previous installation.
    Note: The default syntax for the exported configuration file is
  4. (Optional) Enter the password that you used when exporting the configuration.
    This step is not necessary if you have not exported the configuration with a password.
  5. Select the import type:
    Option Description
    Embedded Migrates to an Orchestrator instance that is embedded in vRealize Automation.
    External Migrates to an external Orchestrator.
    Replica Replicates the same Orchestrator instance.
  6. Click Import.


The new system replicates the old configuration, based on the selected import type. The Orchestrator server service restarts automatically.

What to do next

Verify that Orchestrator is configured properly at the Validate Configuration page in Control Center.