Workflows that require interactions from users during their run suspend their run either until the user provides the required information or until the workflow times out.

Workflows that require user interactions define which users can provide the required information and direct the requests for interaction.


Verify that at least one workflow is in the Waiting for User Interaction state.


  1. From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator Legacy Client, select Run.
  2. Click the My Orchestrator view in the Orchestrator Legacy Client.
  3. Click the Waiting for Input tab.
    The Waiting for Input tab lists the workflows that are waiting for user inputs.
  4. Double-click a workflow that is waiting for input.
    The workflow token that is waiting for input appears in the Workflows hierarchical list with the following symbol: Icon for a workflow that is waiting for user interaction..
  5. Right-click the workflow token and select Answer.
  6. Follow the instructions in the input parameters dialog box and provide the information that the workflow requires.


You provided information to a workflow that was waiting for user input during its run.