From the Run perspective in the Orchestrator Legacy Client, you can schedule tasks, manage policies, run workflows, and access the inventory.

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My Orchestrator

Summarizes the most recent activities on the Orchestrator server, such as recently modified elements, pending and running workflows, running policies, finished workflows, and workflows that are waiting for user interaction.

You can use the My Orchestrator view to perform common administrative tasks, like running a workflow and importing a package.


Displays a list of all scheduled workflows. The workflows are sorted by name or date, together with their status.

You can use the Scheduler view to create, edit, suspend, resume, and cancel scheduled workflows.


Displays existing policies.

You can use the Policies view to create and apply policies.


Provides access to the Orchestrator workflow library.

You can use the Workflows view to view information about each workflow, create, edit, and run workflows, as well as to interact with the workflows.


Displays the objects of the plug-ins that are enabled in Orchestrator.

You can use the Inventory view to run workflows on an inventory object.