With the Redis plug-in, you can store connections and make them visible in the plug-in inventory. Model-driven defines three types of interfaces that you can use to display objects in the plug-in inventory.

Interface Description Use
ObjectRelater Describes the relation between two model objects. In the example presented in step 2 of the Add an Endpoint Configuration procedure, this class holds the code that lists all virtual machines by their location.
ObjectFinder Finds objects of a certain type by ID or by using a query. Finders are a key concept in plug-in development. You use finders in plug-in checkpointing. See Basic Plug-In Concepts.
Extension Extends the functionality of a model object. You can add methods and fields to model objects in your code repository. If you expose model objects that derive from third-party libraries, you must wrap these objects and delegate calls to the wrapped object.
Note: Model-driven does this wrapping in a transparent way.