You can debug workflow runs by inserting breakpoints in the script of workflow items.

When a breakpoint is reached, you have several options to continue the debugging process. When you debug an element from the workflow schema, you can view the general information about the workflow run, modify the workflow variables, add expressions to watch, and view log messages.
Note: Perform all script debugging in a non-production environment.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client as an administrator.
  2. Select a workflow from the library.
  3. Open the workflow schema, select a workflow element, and click the Scripting tab.
  4. To insert a breakpoint, click the red circle to the left of the line number.
    Note: You can only insert breakpoints in workflow elements with scripting.
  5. To run the workflow in the debugging mode, click Debug.
    If the workflow requires input parameters, you must provide them.
  6. When the workflow run is paused after reaching a breakpoint, select one of the available options.
    Option Description
    Continue Resumes the workflow run until another breakpoint is reached or the workflow run finishes.
    Step into You can use this option to step into a workflow element. You cannot step into a nested workflow element when you debug a workflow in the workflow editor.
    Step over Skips the current element in the schema and pauses the workflow run on the next element.
    Note: You can instruct the debugger to ignore the current breakpoint by clicking the breakpoint. This changes the breakpoint symbol to a green triangle.
  7. (Optional) On the Debugger tab, insert expressions to watch.
    You can use expressions to follow the completion of specific variables.
  8. (Optional) On the Debugger tab, modify the values of variables.