As an administrator, you can use the vRealize Orchestrator Client System Dashboard to gather useful metric data about the nodes of your vRealize Orchestrator environment.

You can access the System Dashboard from by clicking the System tab, on the top of vRealize Orchestrator Client dashboard page. Provided data includes:
  • Node status
  • Node properties
  • Cluster settings. You can only view the cluster settings from the System Dashboard. To change these settings, go to the Orchestrator Cluster Management page of the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center.
  • Threads info
  • Heap memory
  • Non-heap memory
  • File system use
  • Authentication data
  • Orchestrator database connection pool
  • Process input arguments
This data can be used to monitor the state of individual nodes of your vRealize Orchestrator environment and troubleshoot problems. To navigate between individual nodes, click the tab associated with a node on the top of the System Dashboard.