vRealize Orchestrator Appliance 8.1.0 Patch 1 | 29 June 2020 | Build 16419934

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VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.1.0 Patch 1 is a minor product patch release. The content of the VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.1 Release Notes apply to this version as well.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:


Upgrade failure after performing steps in KB 87120

Performing the instructions used to address the CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 log4j vulnerabilities described in KB 87120 can cause upgrade failures for vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator 8.6.2 or earlier. For a workaround, see KB 87794.

How to upgrade to Patch 1

You can upgrade your vRealize Orchestrator Appliance to the Patch 1 build by following the official upgrade procedure. See Upgrade a Standalone vRealize Orchestrator 8.0.1 Deployment.

Resolved Issues

  • Unable to load more than 20 object cards from Card View.

    If you configure your display to use a 2K resolution and above, or a custom resolution that is more than 1080 pixels in height, the Card View cannot load more than 20 cards.


  • Duplicated folders appear in Tree View in an embedded vRealize Orchestrator Client after upgrading a High Availability (HA) vRealize Automation 8.0.1 environment.

    After upgrading to vRealize Automation 8.1, multiple folders with identical names appear in the Tree View of the embedded vRealize Orchesreator Client. One of the folders is used while the other folders might be empty. A similar issue can also occur with fresh HA vRealize Automation 8.1 deployments.


  • Workflow validation errors persist for workflows even after resolving the errors.

    Validation errors do not disappear from the workflow schema after resolving the errors and saving the validated workflow.

  • Running a workflow with a legacy presentation validation always fails when the ognl uses the "__current" variable.

    Workflows created in the Orchestrator Legacy Client that use the "__current" variable in their OGNL custom validation script fail to start from the vRealize Orchestrator Client when the field value is an SDK object.


  • Pull and push operations take a long time to finish.

    In some cases, pull and push operations from the vRealize Orchestrator Client to the integrated Git server continue for 2 minutes.


  • Properties and Array/Properties types cannot have default external source values.

    Using external values for Properties and Array/Properties types in the workflow input form does not show the correct actions. Even if you are able to set the correct action, the input form is populated with invalid values during validation.


  • Breakpoints are enabled in visual diff view in Version History.

    You can place element and scriptable task breakpoints in the visual diff view.


  • Missing Duplicate button in Tree View.

    In Tree View, when selecting folders or individual objects, there is a missing duplicate button.


  • Preinstalled actions cannot be duplicated.

    If you edit actions that come with the standard vRealize Orchestrator library, you must first duplicate the relevant action. You are unable to duplicate the action because the Duplicate button is missing from the action card.


  • The Version History page displays inaccurate data for the current version. After performing a push operation, the last change made to the content disappears. 

    This error can occur when multiple object editors are open at the same time and one or more users are making changes. For example, a user might make changes to a vRealize Orchestrator workflow and a vRealize Orchestrator action in separate tabs in their browser. After several changes to both the workflow and the action, the user saves their changes. After saving the changes to the workflow, the user pushes the updated workflow to the integrated Git repository. After pushing the workflow changes to the Git repository, the previously saved changes to the action are lost.


  • The workflow run displays an error after you rename a variable.

    If you rename a variable used by a switch item in the workflow schema, the next run of the workflow displays an error that the old variable name is not found.

  • Installing third party plug-ins might lead to the vRealize Orchestrator pod crashing due to an Out of Memory Error.

    Installing a third party plug-in in a clustered vRealize Orchestrator environment might lead to the appliance pod crashing while displaying an "Out of Memory Error in Control Center" error.

  • Deploying or upgrading a High Availabiity environment with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager might fail on boot, because of constraint violations when initializing vRealize Automation.

    After deploying or upgrading, you see the following error messege in the vco-control-center container log:
    <log_date><log_time>[localhost-startStop-1] ERROR {} [DbConfigurationInitializator] Failed to create the initial configuration data. Reason: query did not return a unique result: 2;

  • Duplicated folders after importing a package in the vRealize Orchestrator Client.

    After importing a package, you see duplicates of the imported folders in Tree View.

  • Moving a vRealize Orchestrator object to a different folder leads to an error.

    You cannot move any vRealize Orchestrator object, such as a workflow or action, to a different folder. The log file displays the following error message:
    [vcoSystemTaskScheduler-2] ERROR {} [BatchingBatch] HHH000315: Exception executing batch [org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned unexpected row count from update [0]; actual row count: 0; expected: 1;

  • Error when getting the input parameters of an action in the input form tab.

    The input form evaluation does not retrieve the input parameters of an action causing an error message to appear.

  • The input form data grid does not support null values.

    If you run a workflow created in vRealize Orchestrator 7.6 in the vRealize Orchestrator 8.1 client, the workflow run might continue indefinitely.

  • "! 0, Unknown Error" error appears in the vRealize Orchestrator Client.

    "! 0, Unknown Error" error appears in the vRealize Orchestrator Client when the session times out.

Known Issues

  • Scheduled workflow runs are triggered at a different than the expected time with the time offset to UTC time.

    When you schedule workflow runs through scripting by using the *workflow.scheduleRecurrently()* function, scheduled workflows are always triggered in UTC time. There is a discrepancy between the vRealize Orchestrator Client UI and the function behavior, because the UI adds the time zone of your browser to the recurrence pattern. However, the time zone is not included in the recurrence pattern when using the function and the calculations of the time to the trigger the workflow runs are done on the server side in UTC time.

    Workaround: When you schedule workflow runs in scripting, use time values in UTC time.

  • Duplicated workflows created in Orchestrator Legacy Client might display a constant instead of an external action in their value options.

    When editing the input parameters of a workflow that is designed in the Orchestrator Legacy Client, and duplicated in the vRealize Orchestrator Client, the value options might be set as a constant instead of an external action.

    Workaround: Navigate to the Input Form tab and edit the input parameter presentation to include the required external action.

  • Unable to select an action as an external source in input forms because of a return type issue.

    In the vRealize Orchestrator Client Input Form tab, you are unable to select an action that has a return type of either Any or Array/Any for a default value or value option.


    1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client.
    2. Select your workflow and navigate to the Input Form tab.
    3. Set the action with the return type expected from the widget default value or value option and save the changes.
    4. Select the default value or value option action, save the workflow, and revert the action to previous version or change the return type back to the Any type.

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