You can use the sample workflows from the Converter workflow category to test the integration between the PowerShell plug-in and PowerCLI. To test the integration, PowerCLI must be installed on the PowerShell host.

The Converter sample workflows demonstrate the conversion functionality available in the plug-in.
Note: The PowerShell plug-in does not support all types that are available in PowerCLI and the vCenter plug-in. Unsupported types return an exception.

To access these workflows, navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the powershell and converter tags in the workflow search box.

Workflow Name Description
Convert PSObject to vCO object Converts PowerShellRemotePSObject to VC:<SomeObjectType>.
Convert PSObject to vCO object to PSObject Converts PowerShellRemotePSObject to VC:<SomeObjectType> and the reverse.
Convert vCO object to PSObject Converts VC:<SomeObjectType> to PowerShellRemotePSObject.