Scheduled tasks can be edited to change parameters such as the starting user, date, time, and recurrence of the scheduled workflow.


Create a scheduled workflow task.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client.
  2. Select your scheduled task from Activity > Scheduled.
  3. Click Edit on the workflow panel.
  4. Edit the scheduled task parameters.
    Note: Input parameters set when creating the scheduled task are read-only and cannot be edited. To change these parameters, create a new scheduled task for this workflow.
    Parameter Description
    Starting user Change the authentication of the scheduled task. Click Use Current User to set the scheduled task authentication to the current user. Editing this parameter can be useful for use cases where the authentication provider for vRealize Orchestrator has changed and the previous user credentials used when creating the scheduled task are no longer valid. The new user authentication is set after changes to the scheduled task are saved.
    Name The name of the scheduled task.
    Description A short description detailing the purpose of the scheduled task.
    Start The date and time of the first scheduled run of the workflow.
    Start if in the past Select whether to start the workflow, if the scheduled time is in the past. Yes starts the scheduled workflow immediately. No starts the workflow at the next scheduled recurrence.
    Schedule Set the recurrence pattern and event trigger entries of the scheduled task.
  5. To finish editing the scheduled task, click Save.