After you link elements to create the logical flow of the workflow, you define element bindings to define how each element processes the data it receives and generates.


Verify that you have a workflow schema in the Schema tab of the workflow editor, and that you have created links between the elements.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client.
  2. Navigate to Library > Workflows, and select your workflow.
  3. Select the Schema tab.
  4. Select a workflow element.
  5. On the General tab of the element configuration window, expand the Inputs/Outputs option.
  6. Add the appropriate workflow input or output parameters from the list of existing parameters and variables.
  7. To save your changes to the workflow schema, click Save.


You defined the input parameters that the element receives and the output parameters that it generates, and bound them to workflow variables and parameters.

What to do next

You can create forks in the path of the workflow by defining decisions.