Workflows can implement decision functions that define different courses of action according to a Boolean true or false statement.

Decisions are forks in the workflow. Workflow decisions are made according to inputs provided by you, by other workflows, by applications, or by the environment in which the workflow is running. The value of the input parameter that the decision element receives determines which branch of the fork the workflow takes. For example, a workflow decision might receive the power status of a given virtual machine as its input. If the virtual machine is powered on, the workflow takes a certain path through its logical flow. If the virtual machine is powered off, the workflow takes a different path.

Decisions are always Boolean functions. The only possible outcomes for each decision are true or false.

Custom Decisions

Custom decisions differ from standard decisions in that you define the decision statement in a script. Custom decisions return true or false according to the statement you define, as the following example shows.

if (decision_statement){
	return true;
	return false;