Calling a workflow asynchronously runs the called workflow independently of the calling workflow. The calling workflow continues its run without waiting for the called workflow to complete.

You call workflows asynchronously from another workflow by using the Asynchronous Workflow element.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client.
  2. Navigate to Library > Workflows, and select your workflow.
  3. Select the Schema tab.
  4. Drag an Asynchronous element schema element from the Generic menu to the appropriate position in the workflow schema.
  5. Under Workflow, select the workflow you want to call.
  6. (Optional) If prompted, promote workflow input parameters or variables for use by the workflow.
  7. Under Inputs, bind the required input parameters to the workflow.
  8. Under Options > Output Options, bind the required output parameters to the workflow.
  9. Under Exception handling, define the exception behavior of the workflow.
  10. To finish editing your workflow, click Save.


You called a workflow asynchronously from another workflow. When the workflow reaches the asynchronous workflow during its run, the asynchronous workflow starts, and the initial workflow continues its run without waiting for the asynchronous workflow to finish.