You can monitor your existing vRealize Orchestrator cluster through the vRealize Orchestrator Control Center.

You can monitor the configuration synchronization states of the vRealize Orchestrator instances that are joined in a cluster from the Orchestrator Cluster Management page in Control Center.

Configuration Synchronization State Description
RUNNING The vRealize Orchestrator service is available and can accept requests.
STANDBY The vRealize Orchestrator service cannot process requests because:
  • The node is part of a High Availability (HA) cluster and remains in a standby mode until the primary node fails.
  • The service cannot verify the configuration prerequisites, like a valid connection to the database, authentication provider, and the vRealize Orchestrator instance license.
Failed to retrieve the service's health status The vRealize Orchestrator server service cannot be contacted because it is either stopped or a network issue is present.
Pending restart Control Center detects a configuration change and the vRealize Orchestrator server restarts automatically.