On the Manage Plug-Ins page of vRealize Orchestrator Control Center, you can view a list of all plug-ins that are installed in vRealize Orchestrator and perform basic management actions.

Install or Upgrade a Plug-In

With the vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins, the vRealize Orchestrator server can integrate with other software products. vRealize Orchestrator comes with a set of preinstalled default plug-ins. You can further expand the capabilities of the vRealize Orchestrator platform by installing custom plug-ins.

You can install or upgrade plug-ins from the Manage Plug-Ins page of the vRealize Orchestrator. The file extension that can be used is .vmoapp.

For more information on installing or upgrading vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins, see Install or Update a vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In.

Change Plug-In Logging Level

Instead of changing the logging level for vRealize Orchestrator, you can change it only for specific plug-ins.

Disable a Plug-In

You can disable a plug-in by deselecting the Enable plug-in option next to the name of the plug-in.

This action does not remove the plug-in file. For more information on uninstalling a plug-in in vRealize Orchestrator, see Delete a Plug-In.