You can run a workflow to add a database to the vRealize Orchestrator server and configure the host connection parameters.

When you add a database that requires a secure connection, you must import the database SSL certificate. You can import the SSL certificate under the Trusted Certificates tab in Control Center.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client.
  2. Navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the sql and configuration tags in the workflow search box.
  3. Locate the Add a database workflow and click Run.
  4. In the Name text box, enter the name of the database.
  5. Select the type of the database.
  6. In the Connection URL text box, enter the address of the database.
    Database Type Syntax
    Oracle jdbc:oracle:thin:@database_url:port_number:SID
    Microsoft SQL (with SQL authentication) jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://database_url:port_number/database_name
    Microsoft SQL (with Windows account authentication) jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://database_url:port_number/database_name;useNTLMv2=true;domain=domain_name
    PostgreSQL jdbc:postgresql://database_url:port_number/database_name
    MySQL jdbc:mysql://database_url:port_number/database_name
  7. On the User credentials tab, select the session mode that the plug-in uses to connect to the database.
    Option Description
    Shared Session The plug-in uses shared credentials to connect to the database. You must provide the database credentials for the shared session.
    Session Per User The vRealize Orchestrator Client retrieves credentials from the user who is logged in.
    Note: To use session per user mode, you must authenticate by using a user name only. Do not use domain\user or user@domain for authentication.
  8. Click Run.


After the workflow runs successfully, the database and all tables that belong to it appear in the Inventory view.