The workflows in the Configuration package of the Dynamic Types plug-in let you create dynamic types, export and import type definitions from an XSD file, and define relations between the dynamic types you created.

To access these workflows in the vRealize Orchestrator Client, navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the dynamic_types tag in the workflow search box.

Workflow Name Description
Define Namespace Defines a new namespace.
Define Relation Defines a new relation between types.
Define Type Defines a new type within a given namespace.
Export Configuration As Package Exports a Dynamic Types definition configuration as a file-based configuration. The exported package can be used for importing to other servers.
Import Configuration From Package Imports a file-based configuration to the plug-in configuration.
Import Type Definitions From XSD Imports type definitions from an XSD file.
Remove Namespace Removes a namespace.
Remove Relation Removes a relation.
Remove Type Removes a type.
Update Namespace Updates a namespace.
Update Type Updates a type.