The PowerShell plug-in relies on a number of components to function properly.

vRealize Orchestrator and Windows PowerShell provide the platform for the plug-in, and the plug-in provides interaction between those products. The PowerShell plug-in can also interact with other components, such as vCenter Server and vSphere PowerCLI.

Figure 1. Component Relations
A diagram, which represents the relations between the different components of the PowerShell plug-in.

The plug-in can communicate with Windows PowerShell through the OpenSSH and WinRM communication protocols. See Configuring WinRM.

Optionally, you can integrate the PowerShell plug-in with vSphere PowerCLI and vCenter Server. See PowerCLI Integration with the PowerShell Plug-In.

Note: You can install all components on a local host. The usage, functionality, and communication protocol requirements of the PowerShell plug-in do not change if vRealize Orchestrator and Windows PowerShell are installed on the same machine.