Plug-ins allow you to use vRealize Orchestrator to access and control external technologies and applications. By exposing an external technology in an vRealize Orchestrator plug-in, you can incorporate objects and functions in workflows that access the objects and functions of that external technology.

The external technologies that you can access by using plug-ins include virtualization management tools, email systems, databases, directory services, and remote-control interfaces.

vRealize Orchestrator provides a set of standard plug-ins that you can use to incorporate into workflows such technologies as the VMware vCenter Server API and email capabilities. By using the plug-ins, you can automate the delivery of new IT services or adapt the capabilities of existing infrastructure and application services. In addition, you can use the vRealize Orchestrator open plug-in architecture to develop plug-ins for accessing other applications.

The vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins that VMware develops are distributed as .vmoapp files. For more information about the vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins that VMware develops and distributes, see vRealize Orchestrator External Plug-ins. For more information about third-party vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins, see VMware Solution Exchange.