When vCenter Server is overloaded, it takes more time to return the response to the vRealize Orchestrator server than the 20000 milliseconds set by default. To prevent this situation, you must modify the vRealize Orchestrator configuration file to increase the default timeout period.

If the default timeout period expires before the completion of certain operations, the vRealize Orchestrator server log contains errors.

Operation 'getPropertyContent' total time : '5742228' for 1823 calls, mean time : '3149.0', min time : '0', max time : '32313' Timeout, unable to get property 'info' com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.model.TimeoutException


  1. Log in to Control Center as root.
  2. Click System Properties.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Key text box enter com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.waitUpdatesTimeout.
  5. In the Value text box enter the new timeout period in milliseconds.
  6. (Optional) In the Description text box enter a description for the system property.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Save changes from the pop-up menu.
    A message indicates that you have saved successfully.
  9. Restart the Orchestrator server.


The value you set overrides the default timeout setting of 20000 milliseconds.