Use branching to organize how you vRealize Orchestrator content is managed in your Git repository.

By using Git, you can increase the flexibility for your vRealize Orchestrator developers by providing a centralized repository. For example, you can use Git to manage the workflow development across multiple vRealize Orchestrator environments.

Note: To use Git to manage your object inventory, your vRealize Orchestrator deployment must use a vRealize Automation license. For more information, see vRealize Orchestrator Feature Enablement with Licenses in Installing and Configuring vRealize Orchestrator.

Starting with vRealize Orchestrator 8.1, you can now push and pull objects to and from branches. You can use branching to manage the development of specific groups of vRealize Orchestrator objects, before they are merged back into your main branch.

In this use case, you are using a GitLab project to manage vRealize Orchestrator objects that use the Python runtime. This use case represents an example of the Git functionality in vRealize Orchestrator and does not represent the limits of the feature scope.

Note: If you are more familiar with GitHub, you can use a GitHub repository for this use case.