As a workflow developer, you can use object reference information to optimize your development life cycle.

With the vRealize Orchestrator Client, you can find object reference information. This feature has two functions:

  • Find Dependencies: find information about object dependencies in your workflows. Dependencies can include other workflows, actions, resource elements, and configuration elements.
  • Find Usages: learn if the selected workflow is used in other workflows in the vRealize Orchestrator Client library.

You can access information about object references from the workflow editor or from the vRealize Orchestrator Client library in either Card View, List View, or Tree View. For more information on the different types of content organization of the vRealize Orchestrator Client library, see Content Organization in the vRealize Orchestrator Client.

The following procedure demonstrates how you can access object references from the workflow editor.


Develop a workflow that includes at least one object reference.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Client.
  2. Navigate to Library > Workflows, and select your workflow.
  3. To find information about object dependencies, click Find Dependencies.
    Note: While on the dependencies pop-up window, you can select referenced objects from the list. Selecting an object opens a separate vRealize Orchestrator Client tab where you can view the details of the selected object or edit it.
  4. To find information about where the selected workflow is used, click Find Usages.