The Opentracing extension sends data about workflow runs to a Jaeger server. Data includes the workflow status, input and output parameters, the user that initiated the workflow run, and the workflow ID data.



  1. Log in to the Control Center as root.
  2. Select the Extension Properties page.
  3. Select the Opentracing extension.
  4. Enter the Jaeger server host address and port.
    Note: Insert two forward slashes ("//") before entering the server address.
  5. Click Save.


You have configured the Opentracing extension for vRealize Orchestrator.

What to do next

  • To access the Jaeger UI containing the data collected by the Opentracing extension, visit the host address entered during configuration.
  • Under the Service option, select Workflows.
  • To specify what data to view, use the Tags option. For example, to view data about failed workflows, enter status=failed.