When you use vSphere as an authentication provider in Control Center, you can change the default tenant of the vRealize Orchestrator administrators group.


Configure vSphere as the authentication provider for your vRealize Orchestrator deployment. See Configure a Standalone vRealize Orchestrator Server with vSphere Authentication.
Note: The vRealize Automation authentication does not include these parameters.


  1. Log in to the Control Center as root.
  2. Select Configure Authentication Provider.
  3. Click the CHANGE button next to the Default tenant text box.
  4. Replace the name of the tenant.
  5. Click the CHANGE button next to the Admin group text box.
    Note: If you do not reconfigure the administrators group, it remains empty and you are no longer able to access Control Center.
  6. Enter the name of an administrator group and click SEARCH.
  7. Select an administrator group.
  8. Change the administrators group.
  9. To finish editing the authentication parameters, click SAVE CHANGES.