You can troubleshoot vRealize Orchestrator plug-in problems by modifying the Kerberos configuration file used by the plug-in.

The Kerberos configuration file is located in the /data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/ directory of the vRealize Orchestrator Appliance.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Orchestrator Appliance command line as root.
  2. Run the kubectl -n prelude edit deployment vco-app command.
  3. In the deployment file, locate and edit the' string.'
  4. Save the changes and exit the file editor.
  5. Run the kubectl -n prelude get pods command.
    Wait until all pods are running.
  6. Verify that the Kerberos debug logging is enabled.
    kubectl -n prelude log {vco_app_name} -c vco-server-app | grep krb5
    Verify that the logs contain a similar message.
    kubectl -n prelude log vco-app-5c965f9b9d-v8srd -c vco-server-app | grep krb5
    12:23:05,417 INFO O11N:75 - Sysprop: = /usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/krb5.conf
    12:23:05,421 INFO O11N:75 - Sysprop: = true
    2019-10-22 12:23:38.521+0000 [Thread-19] INFO {} [O11N] Sysprop: = /usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/krb5.conf
    2019-10-22 12:23:38.525+0000 [Thread-19] INFO {} [O11N] Sysprop: = true
    Java config name: /usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/krb5.conf