You can use functionality that is available in a third-party snap-in, such as VMware vSphere PowerCLI, with the PowerShell plug-in.

To use the third-party snap-in functionality, the snap-in must be available on the PowerShell host. To load the snap-in in the current session, you must also invoke the AddPsSnapin action. When using PowerCLI, you must set the name of the snap-in to VMware.VimAutomation.Core.

The PowerShell plug-in does not provide pre-generated actions for third-party snap-ins. You can generate actions for third-party snap-ins by running the Generate an action for a PowerShell cmdlet workflow. See Generate an Action for a PowerShell Cmdlet.

The com.vmware.library.powershell.converter package contains basic building blocks that allow conversion from a VC:<SomeObjectType> object, to the corresponding PowerCLI object. This feature allows workflows from the vCenter Server plug-in to interact with workflows from the PowerShell plug-in and to pass parameters between the two plug-ins.