Select an OVA to use for each vRealize Suite product.


To use an OVA downloaded from My VMware, verify that you have registered with My VMware and registered My VMware services with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See Configure My VMware Settings.


  1. Click Settings and click the Ova Configuration tab.
  2. Select the location type.
    Select NFS or Local to map to a downloaded OVA with products dependent on the OVA location, or select My VMware to map to an OVA downloaded from My VMware.
    Note: To download an OVA from My VMware, click My VMware® on the OVA Configuration tab, and click the download arrow under Actions for the OVA to download.
  3. Enter the location of the OVA file to use in the Base Location text box, and click Get.
  4. Select the product to configure an OVA for from the Product Name drop-down menu.
  5. Select the version of the product to configure an OVA for from the Product Version drop-down menu.
  6. Under Product Binary Type, select whether the OVA is an install or upgrade OVA.
  7. Select the OVA file from the Product Binary drop-down menu, and click Save.