You can use the installation wizard to import existing private cloud environment for a vRealize Suite product.


Verify that you have an existing vRealize Suite instance.


  1. Log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager as an administrator and click Environment.
  2. Select Using Installation wizard.
  3. After entering the environment data fields, under vRealize Suite, click Import > Create Environment.
  4. After you agree to the terms and conditions of EULA, click Next.
  5. Enter the License Key details by either selecting an existing license or add a new license for a vRealize Suite product, and click Next.
  6. Provide your Infrastructure, Network, and Certificate information in the following drop-down menus.
  7. Under Products Details page, update the details and select all the vCenters where all product components are installed.
    If you are importing an existing vRealize Operations Manager installation, set a root password for that installation.
  8. Read the Summary of the provided information and click Submit.