You can create custom recovery steps, when you change the IP addresses of the vRealize Automation components.


For the IaaS nodes, you can automatically update the IP addresses by using the standard method of Site Recovery Manager IP customization. However, changing hostnames and DNS names for the individual nodes are not supported.

Perform the following steps to automatically update the IP addresses at the recovery site.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Site Recovery > Recovery Plans and select your recovery plan.
  2. On the Related Objects tab, click Virtual Machines.

    A list of all protected virtual machines will be displayed.

  3. Select a vRealize Automation VA node and click Actions > Configure Recovery > Startup Action. In the Wait for VMWare tools, update the timeout to 59 minutes.
  4. Select a vRealize Automation VA node and click Actions > Configure Recovery > Post Power On Steps. Click the Add icon () to add a step.
  5. Select Command on Recovered VM as the type of step to be created.
  6. In the Name text box, enter a name of the step, such as Change-IP-Address.

    The step name appears in the list of steps in the Recovery Steps view.

  7. In the Content text box, enter the commands for the step to run.
    • call vami_set_network to change the IP of the VA

    • call reboot

    For example: For a static IPv4, the new IP for the current node is and the new IP for the second node is, the command should be: /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_set_network eth0 STATICV4 && reboot

  8. In the Timeout setting, select 30 minutes.
  9. Click OK to add the step to the recovery plan.
  10. Click OK to reconfigure the virtual machine to run the command before or after it powers on
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 on each vRealize Automation VA node.

    The DNS names of the VA nodes should point to the new IP addresses before you run the recovery plan.