Scheduled backups run automatically to ensure that backups occur on an ongoing basis.

A scheduled backup can include multiple clients or a single server.



  1. Create a dataset to define the data that is included in the backups.
  2. Disable quiesced snapshots.
    1. Select the plug-in type.
    2. For each selected plug-in type, click More.
    3. Enter the attribute [avvcbimage]quiesce_fs and attribute value false, and click + to add the flag.
  3. Create a schedule for when the backups should occur.
  4. Create a retention policy to define how long to keep the backups in the system.
  5. Create a group for the backups.
    1. Assign the new dataset to the new group.
    2. Assign a schedule to the new group.
    3. Assign a retention policy to the new group.
    4. Add one or more clients to the new group.
    5. Assign the proxies to the new group.
  6. Enable scheduling for the group.

What to do next

For information on monitoring and cancelling backup procedures, see the EMC Avamar for VMware User Guide.