A system administrator backs up the full VMware Aria Automation installation regularly. Plan the backup around efficiencies and periods of low activity.

Online backups are supported by VMware Aria Automation 8.0.1 or newer. For information on automatically shutting down and starting up the VMware Aria Automation 8.0.0 services, see Shut Down VMware Aria Automation 8.0 Appliance.


All data nodes are backed up and restored simultaneously. You cannot backup and restore individual nodes.

A complete backup includes the following components:

  • VMware Aria Automation 8.x

  • The VMware Aria Automation appliances

  • The VMware Identity Manager appliance

  • The VMware VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance

  • Load balancers that support your distributed deployment. Consult the vendor documentation for your load balancer for information about backup considerations.

Guidelines for Planning Backups of VMware Aria Automation 8.x

Use the following guidelines to plan backups:

  • When you back up a complete system, back up all instances of the VMware Aria Automation and VMware Identity Manager appliance as near simultaneously as possible, preferably within seconds.

  • Minimize the number of active transactions before you begin a backup. Schedule your regular backup to when your system is least active.

  • When you back up the VMware Aria Automation appliance, disable the in-memory snapshots.

  • Create a backup of instances of the VMware Aria Automation appliance when you update the certificates.