If a failure occurs, a system administrator restores the vRealize Automation appliance. If a load balancer is used, the administrator restores the load balancer and the virtual appliances that it manages. For vRealize Automation 8.x, you cannot change the host names during restoration.

You might need to restore a failed virtual appliance in the following circumstances:

  • You are running a minimal deployment and your only vRealize Automation appliance fails or becomes corrupted.
  • You are running a distributed deployment and some, but not all, virtual appliances fail.
  • You are running a distributed deployment and all virtual appliances fail.

How you restore a vRealize Automation appliance or virtual appliance load balancer depends on your deployment type and on which appliances failed.

  • If you are using a single virtual appliance whose name is unchanged, restore the virtual appliance. No further steps are required.
  • If you are running a distributed deployment that uses a load balancer, notice that you cannot change the name of the virtual appliance or the virtual IP address of the load balancer. You must redeploy the appliance and restore the backed-up VMs or files with the same IP addresses and host names.

If you are redeploying, reconfiguring, or adding virtual appliances to a cluster, see the Installation and Configuration documentation for the vRealize Automation appliance in the vRealize Automation product documentation.