A system administrator restores the IaaS MSSQL database and the PostgreSQL database.

Recover a database in the following situations:

  • If both databases fail, restore them from the last known time when both databases were backed up.
  • If one database fails, restore it and revert the functional database to the version that was in use when the backup used to restore the failed database was created.

The backup time for each database can differ. The greater the gap between the last working time of the databases, the greater the potential for data loss.

You should back up full VMs of databases, instead of backing up PostgreSQL database directly. For information about how to restore a PostgreSQL database, see the VMware Knowledge Base article Migrating from external vPostgres appliance to a vPostgres instance located in the vCAC appliance (2083562).

Database Passphrases

IaaS MSSQL database security requires a security passphrase to generate an encryption key that protects the data. You specify this passphrase when you install vRealize Automation.

If you lose the passphrase, or want to change the passphrase, consult VMware technical support for more information.