You must back up the VMs for vRealize Suite components in a specific order.

Depending on the vRealize Suite components that are configured and your requirements, schedule backups for your vRealize Suite components in this order.


If you do not have a particular component, you can move to the next component in the specified order. The order of the VMs can also be defined in the backup tools.

  1. vRealize Business: Back up the VM for vRealize Business.

  2. vRealize Log Insight: If the resources are not an issue, to speed up the backup process activate concurrent cluster node backups. Back up all the nodes at the same time.

  3. vRealize Operations Manager: Back up all the nodes at the same time.

  4. vRealize Orchestrator: Back up all the nodes at the same time.

    • If vRealize Orchestrator is a standalone component, back it up before vRealize Automation components.

    • If vRealize Orchestrator is embedded in the vRealize Automation deployment, back it up as part of the vRealize Appliance.

  5. vRealize Automation7: Back up the vRealize Automation 7.x components in this order:

    1. Proxy Agents
    2. DEM Workers
    3. DEM Orchestrator
    4. Manager Services
    5. Web sites
    6. vRealize Automation Appliances
    7. PostgreSQL, if applicable
    8. MS SQL

    If you have multiple components on a VM, select the order considering the latter component on the VM from the list.

  6. vRealize Automation 8.x: Ensure that all services are offline. Back up all vRealize Automation 8.x nodes at the same time.