After you have restored a VMware Aria Operations cluster to a remote host, if required you can change the IP address of the primary nodes and data nodes to point to the new host.

Refer to KB 2108696 for information on changing the IP address of nodes.


If files are corrupted during the restore process, the cluster analytic service fails to restart after restoring Aria Suite. When this occurs, VMware Aria Operations displays a waiting for analytics status for the cluster.


  1. Search all restored files for the text string @^. Files containing this string are corrupt.

  2. Replace all corrupted files with files copied from a node without corrupted files.

  3. Take the cluster offline and then online. If the analytic service successfully restarts, skip steps 4 - 8 as the problem is fixed. If it does not successfully restarts continue to next step.

  4. Run this command on all nodes: $VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN$ALIVE_BASE/../vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/sliceConfiguration/bin/ --action bringSliceOffline --offlineReason "test"

  5. Stops the casa service using this command: service vmware-casa stop.

  6. In the /data/db/casa/webapp/hsgldb/casa.db.script script file, set the role of all nodes to offline.

  7. Start the casa service using this command: service vmware-casa start.

  8. Take the cluster offline and online.

  9. Verify that all nodes successfully come back online.