Updating vRealize Suite components to newer versions requires you to perform separate update procedures. Follow the recommended update order to ensure that vRealize Suite updates finish without problems.

  • Verify that you have the required installation or upgrade packages.

  • Verify that you have administrator privileges for all systems.

Before upgrading, review the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix for each product you plan to upgrade to ensure that you have supported, compatible product versions. See the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes Web site.

Update the following vRealize Operations Management Suite components.


Update documentation

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Migrating a vCenter Operations Manager Deployment into this Version

You can migrate data from vCenter Operations Manager to a fresh installation of VMware vRealize Operations Manager.

vRealize Infrastructure Navigator

Upgrading vCenter Infrastructure Navigator

vRealize Configuration Manager

VMware vRealize Configuration Manager Advanced Installation Guide

vRealize Hyperic

Migrating and Upgrading vRealize Hyperic Components

vRealize Log Insight

Upgrading from Previous Versions of vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Automation

Upgrading to vRealize Automation 6.2 or Later

vRealize Business Standard

Upgrading vRealize Business Standard