The different VMware products that are included in vRealize Suite provide the virtualization and management capabilities required for the vRealize Suite foundation. To establish a robust foundation for your data center, install and configure vCenter Server, ESXi, and supporting components.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

With vRealize Suite, enterprises can extend their private cloud workloads to the public cloud, capitalizing the on-demand, self-service and elastic provisioning of end points while taking advantage of the same management environment, reliability, and performance of the vRealize Suite powered private cloud.

Using vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator in the Cloud Management Layer in an SDDC allows enterprises to provision VMs and end points that extend beyond vSphere environments to environments that are not based on vSphere. The non-vSphere environments that are not based on vSphere can be in private datacenters or service providers of public clouds. The Service Management Layer of SDDC allows the monitor vSphere end points and end points that are not based on vSphere. vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight are the key products of the Service Management Layer that help enterprises to provide analytics on the VMs.