When vRealize Operations Manager is restored to an environment that uses a different IP configuration and different networks, you must reconnect the End Point Operations (EPOps) Management agents.

When the IP addresses of the vRealize Operations Manager cluster change, you must change the IP addresses of the EPOps Management agents to communicate properly with the newly configured IP address of the cluster. The agents only need to be reconfigured if they are configured to point directly at an IP or if the DNS name changes. If the agent points at a DNS name and only the IP is changing, you must only update the DNS record to reflect the new IP address and there is no need to reconfigure the agent.

If a dedicated load balancer is in use for the EPOps Management agents, you must also configure the load balancer.


  1. Log in to the machine where the EPOps agent is installed.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the installation files are stored.
  3. Delete the data folder.
  4. Run the script for the epops-agent installation again and provide the new IP address of the vRealize Operations Manager instance.