vSphere Replication sites that you have connected appear in the disconnected state.


In configurations with two vSphere Replication sites that each include a vCenter Server instance and a vSphere Replication appliance, the vSphere Replication sites can appear in the disconnected state, even if you have successfully connected the sites.


Sites that you have successfully connected can appear in the disconnected state when you establish a new login session to the vSphere Web Client and the previous login session has timed out. In this case, the disconnected state reflects the connection to the remote site from the vSphere Web Client and not the state of the connection between the sites. If the two sites are running, vSphere Replication still performs replications at the schedules that you have configured. To restore the connected state in the vSphere Web Client, you must provide the login credentials for the remote site.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select the vCenter Server to which the vSphere Replication is registered.
  2. Click the Manage tab, then vSphere Replication.
  3. In Target Sites, right-click the remote site, select Reconnect site, then click Yes.
  4. Enter the login credentials for the remote site, and click OK.