If you no longer need to replicate a virtual machine to the Cloud, you can stop the replication permanently.

About this task

When you stop a replication, data is removed from both the source and the target site. Therefore, stopping a replication requires that both the source and the target site are online and connected.

If the target site is offline, you can force stop the replication task from the source site. When you force stop a replication, you remove the replication task only from the source site. The data on the target site remains intact. When the target site becomes available, you must delete the replication artifacts from the target site manually or contact your cloud provider.


For stopped replications that use replication seeds, the seed vApps are not deleted from the target site.


Verify that you have enough privileges to manage replications in the vSphere Web Client. See Roles and Permissions that Disaster Recovery to Cloud Requires.


  1. In the vSphere Replication Home page, click the Monitor tab, and click Outgoing Replications.
  2. Right-click a replication and select Stop.

    You can stop multiple replication tasks simultaneously only if they are replicated to the same virtual data center.

  3. (Optional) To delete the replication only from the source site, select Force stop replication in the Stop Replication dialog box.

    All data that was stored to the cloud during the replication remains on the target datastore, and the replication remains visible on the target site. You must manually delete the replication artifacts from the target site or contact your cloud provider to clean them up.

  4. Click Yes to confirm.
  5. If your user session to the cloud provider has expired, type your credentials and click OK to reconnect.


If both sites are online, Disaster Recovery to Cloud applies the following changes.

  • On the source site, removes the replication entry from the list of outgoing replications, and removes the replication related configurations from the source virtual machine.

  • On the cloud site, removes the task from the list of incoming replications, and deletes the replication data from the storage.

If only the source site is online and you selected to perform a force stop operation, the replication task is deleted from the list of outgoing replications, and replication related configurations are removed from the source virtual machine.