To ensure that logs on the source site are easily correlated with the logs on the cloud site, you must synchronize the time on the vSphere Replication appliance in your environment with an NTP server.

About this task

By default, the vSphere Replication appliance is synchronized with the ESXi host on which it resides. If the ESXi host is synchronized with an NTP server, you do not have to configure the vSphere Replication appliance.


  1. If the ESXi host on which the vSphere Replication appliance resides is not synchronized with an NTP server, configure NTP synchronization on the vSphere Replication appliance.
    1. In the vSphere inventory tree, locate the vSphere Replication appliance, right click and select Edit Settings.
    2. On the VM Options tab, click VMware Tools.
    3. Deselect the Synchronize guest time with host check box.
    4. To configure the vSphere Replication appliance to synchronize with an NTP server, edit the /etc/ntp.conf file to enter the address of an NTP server, and run the service ntp start command in the command line utility.
  2. Configure the vCenter Server on the source site to synchronize with an NTP server.