You can run a planned migration to move your workload from the vCenter Server to your cloud organization.

About this task

You might want to migrate replicated virtual machines to cloud if you plan maintenance on the source site.


  • Verify that the source site and the target site are online.

  • Verify that you have enough privileges to initiate migrations to cloud.

  • If you have run test recoveries for the replication that you want to migrate, verify that you cleaned up the test results.


  1. In the list of replications, click the replication that you want to migrate.
  2. Click the Run planned migration icon Start the Recovery wizard.

    The Planned Migration wizard opens. If the user session to the target cloud organization is expired, the wizard prompts you to enter user credentials.

  3. On the Planned migration options page, select a data synchronization option and click Next.
  4. On the Source VM shutdown page, select how to stop the source virtual machine and click Next.



    Guest shutdown

    Shuts down the operating system of the virtual machine within the timeout period that you set in the time spinners. This option uses VMware Tools. Select the Guest shutdown option only if VMware Tools is installed in the guest operating system.

    Power off

    Immediately shuts down the guest operating system or powers off the virtual machine. The guest operating system might not shut down properly. Select the Power off option only if VMware Tools is not installed on the guest operating system.

  5. (Optional) To power on the recovered virtual machine on the target site at the end of the migration process, select Power on the recovered virtual machine on the Ready to Complete page.
  6. Review your settings, and click Finish.


The replication status changes to Recovered, and the source virtual machine is no longer being replicated to the target site.

What to do next

To continue replicating the source virtual machine to the target site, stop the replication task that is in Recovered state and configure a new replication.