To finalize the configuration of a connection to the target site, you must specify the networks that the Disaster Recovery to Cloud service should use for tests and recovery operations.

About this task

When you add a new connection to the cloud, at first it appears in Missing network settings status.

When you subscribe to the Disaster Recovery to Cloud service, VMware automatically creates two default networks for your service—an isolated network and an external routed network. The Edge Gateway for the routed network has a public IP address on an external interface so that it is accessible through the Internet. You can use these networks for your virtual machines protected by the Disaster Recovery to Cloud service, or create other networks in your cloud organization.

When you run a test recovery, vSphere Replication configures the replicated virtual machine on the target site to connect to the test network. This lets you access the target virtual machine and verify that it operates as expected and that data is replicated correctly per your replication settings.

The recovery network is used when you perform planned migrations and recovery operations. vSphere Replication configures the replicated virtual machine on the target site and connects it to the recovery network, so that you can have access.

Although you can use the same network for all recovery workflows, a good practice is to run test recoveries in a separate network.


You can configure only one pair of networks for a cloud virtual data center.


Verify that you created a connection to a cloud virtual data center. See Connect to a Cloud Provider Site.


  1. On the vSphere Replication tab under Manage, click the target network settings icon Configure target networks.

    If your user session to the cloud has expired, the Configure Target Networks wizard prompts you to type your credentials.

  2. From the drop-down menus, select a recovery network and a test network and click Next.

    The drop-down menus display only the networks that are configured for vCloud Hybrid Service.

  3. On the Ready to complete page, review your settings and click Finish.

What to do next

When you test a replication or perform a recovery operation, vCloud Air automatically attaches the virtual machine to the test or recovery network respectively.